In a time of uncertainty, one thing is sure – in one form or another Ullapool Book Festival will return in 2021. But it is still too early to say which form that will take.

We hope that social distancing regulations will allow us to have an actual event along the same lines as before – but with a few big changes eg the audience will be spread between the village hall and 2 marquees in the hall grounds (which will have live stream via large screens). There will be also quite a number of COVID-19 protocols.

If a live festival is not possible there will be an online one instead – with an event once a week spread over a number of weeks.

This new website has a page Covid-19 that details all the protocols we will have in place to make a live festival very safe for everyone.

We are also delighted to reveal our programme on here too.

In the meantime do follow us on Facebook and Twitter (links at the bottom of this page). And you will be emailed about any news if you’re on our mailing list – just enter your address in the ‘subscribe’ box at the bottom of this page.

We live in hope for a live event – though we will only do so with approval from Public Health Highland.

Maybe see you here in Ullapool on 7-9 May?

Joan Michael, chair UBF

UBF volunteers at end of 2019 festival. Credit Michael F Russell @ West Highland Free Press